About the Owner of Autism & Behavioral Consulting, LLC:  Dr. Kristin M. Kosmerl, BCBA-D, LBS

Dr. Kristin M. Kosmerl, BCBA-D, LBS is a board certified behavior analyst- doctorate (BCBA-D) and a PA licensed behavior specialist (LBS).  She first became a BCBA beginning in 2007 after implementing and studying applied behavior analysis (ABA) since 2001.

Dr. Kosmerl has worked with students on the autistic spectrum and other severe behavioral disorders for over fifteen years.  She specializes in working with students on the autistic spectrum, including clients with severe behaviors and non-verbal clients.  She is trained in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and verbal behavior (VB) approaches. ABA and VB are scientifically and evidenced based practices for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Kosmerl received her Doctorate of Education in School Administration from Widener University in August 2011.  In April 2011, she became Pennsylvania certified as an administrator in special education and curriculum & instruction.  She continues to be Pennsylvania certified as a special education and elementary education teacher and administrator in special education and curriculum  instruction.

Dr. Kosmerl has experience teaching in general and special education classrooms within public schools.  She also has experience as a public school supervisor of special education administrator.  Dr. Kosmerl has a vast working knowledge of special education law, implementation of IEP’s and section 504 plans under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Dr. Kosmerl has testified as an expert witness in due process cases regarding autism, behaviors, curriculums and inclusion within public schools.

Dr. Kosmerl enjoys working with families and interdisciplinary teams to best meet the identified strengths and needs of each client. This may include working with school district personnel, other agency involvement, as well as the family unit.  It is imperative to communicate with all parties involved to ensure the best continuation of services for the client.


Kosmerl, K.M. (2011). A comparative investigation of general and special education elementary teachers’ beliefs about including students with an educational disability of autism in the general  education setting. Doctoral Dissertation. Widener University, UMI Proquest: 3486409.

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